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Esther Odermatt

Trained as a Primal Therapist by Dr. Arthur Janov at the Primal Training, Treatment and Research Centre, Venice, California.

Worked as Primal Therapist at the Primal Training, Treatment and Research Centre, Venice California under direct supervision of Dr. Arthur Janov, founder of Primal Therapy.

Primal Therapy practice in Geneva in team with Myriam Ansermot-Petit.

July 2004 - October 2010
Opened private practice in St. Gallen for Primal Therapy after Dr. Arthur Janov and Parenting Instructor after Dr. Aletha J. Solter "Aware Parenting Institute" web site:

Joint practice in St. Gallen with Margrit Neuenschwander, Trainee.

Since 2015
Joint practice in St. Gallen with Margrit Neuenschwander.


Margrit Neuenschwander

Federal Diploma as Chemical Laboratory Assistant.

Federal Baccalaureate Type B, AKAD in Zurich.

Professional activities in Research and Development: Organic Synthesis and Peptide Chemistry.

Master in Life Science at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Head of Research and Development in different Swiss Companies, Consumer Goods Sector.
Technical Sales Manager, Raw Materials, Consumer Goods Sector.

Training in Theoretical Primal Therapy after Dr. Arthur Janov, by Esther Odermatt in St. Gallen.

Diploma in Andragogy at the School of Higher Education for Andragogy SELF in Bern. Education inter alia in Course Leading, Group Dynamics, Communication, Supervision, Intervision, Coaching, Leadership, Project Management, Organizational Development, Systemic Thinking.

Since 2010
Aware Parenting Instructor after Dr. Aletha J. Solter "Aware Parenting Institute" website:

Intensive training in Theoretical and Practical Primal Therapy after Dr. Arthur Janov, by Esther Odermatt. Working as a trainee at the Primärzentrum in St. Gallen under the supervision of Esther Odermatt.

Since 2015
Primal Therapist in joint practice in St. Gallen with Esther Odermatt.


Our work is based on the theory and practice of Dr. Arthur Janov, founder of Primal Therapy.

Since his discovery of Primal Therapy and the publication of his first book "The Primal Scream" in 1970, the following books have been published by him:


Primal Therapy is a completely natural process, without the use of hypnosis or consciousness-expanding drugs. This process begins in the present and leads us to the past, where injuries took place which could not be fully integrated into consciousness because of their force or violence.

We all know situations in which we overreact to a neutral stimulus:

All these situations have one thing in common: we don't know why we react the way we do; we are an enigma to ourselves.

In Primal Therapy you are leading: that means you know, even though unconsciously, where your feelings will carry you, because only you know your own history. After you have felt your feelings, you have the insights into your past, not we. Our presence is needed to follow you where your feelings lead you, and to help you if necessary to penetrate your defences softly, so that you can express your feelings safely.

Our work differs from the Primal Center in Los Angeles in that we only work with healthy adults and not with the psychically ill or teenagers. To work with us you have to function in the present. That means you must have a job and earn your living.

Your First Step

Contact us by phone or email, or leave a message on the answering machine, telling us where we can reach you. Or fill out the application form and mail it to us.

As soon as we have your address we will send you a questionnaire. Please fill it out and return it with a brief autobiography and a current photo. This autobiography should be two or three typed pages and should give us an overview of your childhood, adolescence and adult life. Include both good and bad memories. Also, please mention why you want to work with us and what you expect from it.

After receiving your questionnaire and your autobiography we will invite you to an interview. Only after that will we be able to decide if we can work with you. And you also will be able to make up your mind whether you really want to work with us.

If you are accepted, we start with a three-week intensive period, beginning at a mutually-arranged time. It contains fifteen individual sessions and three group sessions. Individual sessions are open-ended: from experience they last between one and a half and two hours, or more if needed. If needed means simply that you have as much time as you need to feel and to integrate what you have felt.

During the three weeks you must live alone in a hotel room or studio. You must not work during this period, so that you have time for yourself and your feelings. Please note that accommodation and meals are not included in the fees.

After the three-week intensive you go back to your daily life to integrate what you have discovered, and come back again for groups, mini-retreats (group on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) or individual sessions when needed.

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